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2 different Essay 3: Love’s Permanence?

Instructions (I need two different essays one for my friend and one for me) Please be careful using similarities between the two essaysThe reading list for the course features seven stories that with a theme that focuses on the male-female romantic relationship:“Against Love” by Laura Kipnis (non-fiction)“The Marriage Trap” by Mehgan O’Rourke (non-fiction)“Eveline” by James Joyce (fiction)“Lust” by Susan Minot (fiction)“What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” by Raymond Carver (fiction)“Araby” by James Joyce (fiction)“A&P” by John Updike (fiction)Using the two non-fiction sources at the top of this list and at least two of the fictional stories in the list, answer the following question in at least 750 words:Can romantic love be permanent, yes or no?Be sure to follow MLA Style guidelines for formatting and citing.

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