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346 AAssignmentsAdaptation Assessment Topic

A major assignment for this class is the selection of an adaptation plan for a case study. The case study proposal must follow the following guidelines to receive full credit!The proposal must  #1 introduce which climate change adaptation plan  you have chosen to study and #2 why you have decided it will be a useful study that #3 complements the course material covered in class. This introductory paragraph for you final report should be between 300- 400 words.You must list as sources at least one adaptation plan and at least one other additional relevant paper or article that you will use as the sources you will reference in your final report . This relevant material can be about the plan itself and what is the progress or problems in the planning process, or publications relevant to the topic targeted by the adaptation plan, without being specifically about adaptation. For example: a publication or article about the projected population affected by the adaptation plan, the future sea level rise for a coastal plan, the projected increase in temperature for the area adapting to increasing temperatures, etc. You can always add additional references and the more you have, the better.Keep in mind that the tentative questions to answer in this case study include the following: What kind of approach does the adaptation effort take? What climate change impact does it address? What strategies are used? Who were the parties involved in developing the plan? What type of vulnerability assessment was used, or was there one? Has there been any effort to assess how effective the adaption plan has been? Who are the parties whose needs are being addressed and who is left out?Here is some additional information on where to look for adaptation plans. Internet searches for resources can help, as well as the university library online.To look at developing countries there are National Adaptation Plans of Action: efforts are listed extensively in the National Climate Assessment chapter from your first reading assignment, the full report can be accessed here: (Links to an external site.)Additional national and international efforts at these links: IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report ( chapters 14-17 on adaptation) can be accessed here: 15 of the 5th assessment report has many references that refer to existing to adaptation plans underway, as that is the entire topic of this chapter:

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