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931: 3P

Discussion Board Participation (3 weeks X 10% each = 30% of final grade)400 words need to answer the discussion, each respond stu work’s each one need to 250 words, need to reply 2 stu works, total 500 words, plz use 2 words doc to upload , one is dis work another one is reply worksTo facilitate interaction, students are expected to review the online postings on a regular basis even after they have posted their own minimum required postings (300+ words minimum for a primary response; 200+ words minimum in secondary responses).Please treat your classmates and the instructors with the utmost respect. Inappropriate posts will be removed immediately.The instructor reserves the right to penalize students for repeated violations of the participation policy (and/or Academic Integrity Policy) within a course.High quality contributions advance the discussions and do not simply summarize the material that was assigned. Quality contributions additionally take into account not only the instructor’s questions but also your classmates’ contributions.Please be mindful that the Discussion Board is a space for academic exchanges. As a result, students are accountable for using proper and exacting punctuation, spelling, and grammar. In addition, you are required to reference all outside sources in correct APA citation format. It is crucial that all participants maintain a high regard for proper decorum in the Discussion Board.Please review Case 4.1 which begins Chapter 4.Assume you work for the university in handling this crisis communications situation.You don’t yet know whether the allegations against Professor Worthington are true or false.As the case plays out with this uncertainty, what would you communicate to students? To faculty? To your financial donors?Is there a right sequence in who to communicate with first?

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