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Imagine that you are an actor in a play.  You must analyze your character – how he/she looks, moves, speaks, thinks, what he/she wants, what his/her past was like, etc.  As an actor, you must try to discover as much as possible about the character you’re playing.  For our assignment, here’s what you’ll do:Read Dramatic Interlude 6 “He and She ” (p.425 2nd ed) (p. 438 3rd ed.) in your book.  Choose one character in the scene, and complete the Character Analysis Sheet for that character.   Some of the answers are there in the script, but some of the questions will require you to use your imagination. Remember that you’re pretending to be that character, not yourself, as you fill out the sheet.Fill out the entire sheet (don’t skip any questions) and then submit it. Questions BELOW If it is easier I have also  added this sheet as a document below.Character Analysis Sheet ACTOR EX-1.docINTRO TO DRAMA – MASK: ACTORCHARACTER ANALYSIS SHEETStudent Name:Dramatic Interlude/Play Title:Character Name:Complete this sheet not as though you are yourself, but as though you are playing this character in the play. Type in your answers.CHARACTER PASTI come from…My childhood was…The experience that made the most lasting impression on me was…CHARACTER PRESENTOther characters in the play (and/or the playwright) describe me as…I would describe myself as basically…My most distinguishing characteristics are…My favorite things are…The things I hate are…I make the following discoveries in the play…My voice sounds…My body moves like…CHARACTER FUTUREMy superobjective in the play is… (the thing the character most wants)The obstacles I face are…

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