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Adjustment Letter AssignmentWriting Assignment 2 – Adjustment LetterHotel guests were complaining about the pigeons on The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s upper floors. Pigeon droppings were on sidewalks, patio furniture, and people. As the hotel manager, you had to do something to fix this annoying and costly problem. You called an exterminator, who recommended Avitrol. This drug, he promised, would disorient the birds, so that they couldn’t find their way back to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. However, Avitrol was killing the pigeons and any other bird that would rest on the hotel!After the newspaper story, “Dying Birds at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver” was published in the Vancouver Sun, you began to receive many complaints. The most vocal complaints came from the Vancouver chapter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a local animal-advocacy group. It said that the pigeons are really Mediterranean Rock Doves, the original “Dove of Peace” in European history and the same species the Bible said Noah originally released from his ark during the great flood. Activists claimed that Avitrol is a lethal drug that causes birds, animals, and even people to convulse and die lingering deaths of up to two hours if they ingest as little as 1/600th of a teaspoon.Upset because of the bird deaths and the bad publicity, you stopped the use of Avitrol immediately. You are now considering installing electric fencing that offer a mild and safe electrical shock. The fencing, installed for $100,000 at the nearby Provincial Court House, keeps thousands of pigeons from landing and could save more than $80,000 a year in extermination and clean-up costs. You are also considering installing translucent Plexiglass under hotel awnings that seals perching areas to the birds.Your Task. Respond to Donna Krilow, the Executive Director of  Forestry Canada Ltd,  3125 Government Street, Victoria, B.C., V4P 9L4. She was a recent Fairmont Hotel Vancouver guest. She sent a letter condemning the pigeon poisoning and threatening to never return to the hotel or have any Forestry Canada business done at the hotle unless the hotel changed its policy. Regain the confidence and business of Donna Krilow and promote further business with Forestry Canada Ltd.Specifics on Writing Assignment 2THIS IS NOT A GROUP ASSIGNMENT – DO YOUR ASSIGNMENT BY YOURSELF1. Your letter must be checked through to your premium Grammarly.comDO NOT COPY FROM THIS ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION INTO YOUR LETTER.You must follow basic letter formatting rules.Your letter text must be in Times New Roman 12-point font.Your letter must have a professional letterhead, that includes the company contact information (Please go to The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver website).Your letter should include a date and subject lineYour letter must include a written signature along with your printed name and job titleYour letter must use business writing techniques that increase readability and reflect the characteristics of a good adjustment letter.2. POST YOUR FINAL DRAFT THROUGH BLACKBOARD.

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