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Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography helps researchers keep track of their sources. Research at least three sources that you could use in your Essay 4 to address the prompt that you chose (at least 2 should be peer-reviewed scholarly articles and one can be an .edu, .gov, or .org). Cite the sources as you would any other work that belongs in a Works Cited page, and then add additional 4-6 sentences that tells the reader (1) what the source is about, (2) how it relates to your topic, and (3) why it might be beneficial to incorporate in your Essay 4. Remember, you might or might not use all of these sources in your paper, but complete the assignment as if you will so you can build your research early.  You need to have at least four sentences per source that discuss what the source is about and how you might use it in your research paper.The attached essay 4 directions document is not a required assignment but for you to understand in order to do the instructions above. In addition, the other attached document is a resource which is part of the ESSAY 4 DIRECTIONS

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