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CASE STUDY: Sesame (B): Celebrating 50 Years of Helping Kids Grow Smarter, Stronger, and Kinder

Instructions:Read the case: Sesame Street Workshop (B): Celebrating 50 Years of Helping Kids Grow Smarter, Stronger, and Kinder.Each question will have a minimum required number of paragraphs, please meet these requirements to maximize your earned points.**Paragraphs at this level of study are 6+ well-developed sentences.Each question must be thoroughly researched and CHAPTER CONCEPTS MUST BE APPLIED in enough detail. Please include Models from Textbook to indicate the answers.Access to Textbook is: >…Type this into URL. To Gain Access.The Case Study access is here >…Students must be able to apply chapter concepts to demonstrate they understand the chapter learning objectives and how to apply these to real situations. Paper is incomplete without concepts and model inclusion!!!!!!!!!!*The expectation is that you will include chapter concepts as you analyze each question and develop answers. I encourage the use of other valid external sources.The emphasis of case studies will be on the application of learned concepts and critical analysis of case studies.Please include citations (with p. #) for all content and for external sources and include a reference page.——————————————————————————————————————————————–INCLUDE sub-headers/titles to differentiate your answers to each question & sub-question.DO NOT INCLUDE THE QUESTION, only sub-headers (or titles) to CLEARLY DIFFERENTIATE EACH ANSWER.Format your analysis in MS Word (NOT PDF), 1″ margins, double-spaced, include a cover page and Reference page.ALL Assignments must be completed using APAUPLOAD your completed assignment to BB WEEK 1 (same assignment).*ALL assignments are submitted to SafeAssign as a plagiarism tool.LATE or EMAILED ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTEDCase Questions (same as book)Identify signs that Sesame Workshop was on a winning streak at the time of the organization’s 50thanniversary. What were Dunn’s moves to solidify the turnaround into one that was long-term and sustainable?(4+ paragraphs minimum) (Use examples from the textbook including models to indicate the success of Sesame Street). Use citations from case study to show understanding.Assess the organization’s structural changes that focused Sesame on (a) core media operations, including “outside the building” commercial partnerships and (b) philanthropy and big social impact.2.Does the structure permit each area to maximize its potential?(3+ paragraphs minimum)3.Does the philanthropic work and awards appropriate balance departing from strictly non-profit broadcasting to commercial broadcasting?(3+ paragraphs minimum)4.As of 2019 ends, does Sesame have sufficient “winning” momentum to handle any challenges that might arise? Is Sesame’s mission powerful enough to help it through crisis that might challenge operational models? Would you bet on its resilience and ability to pull together and to innovate should a crisis occur?(4+ paragraphs minimum)I’m gonna send you an example paper. Just to show you formatting and how the subtitles should look as an example.I sent you an example case study to show how it should look.The question should have subtitles like the example showed.It should be 9 page paperShould have proper paragraph formatting with indentions.You should have also given more of a summary of the case study. There is citations from the case study. As well as references from the book the to indicate you have a knowledge on the subjects.Use the textbook and summarize the case study. Please look at the example I gave you it’ll show how the sub titles should look. There should be no questions in the paper

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