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CLS 1500

Essay 2:Due 10/23/2018 (5 Paragraphs)Using by Deverell. Need at least 3 quotes from the text. And at least 1 outside the text reference.Prompt: Highlight how diversity in California was promoted in marketing the west coast to Easterners and contained (diversity) to keep non-Europeans from the mainstream.Ideas:· Include the marketing strategies mentioned in the text. (Example: CA is the  first open marketing to Easterners.)· Rose Parade in Pasadena (Page 152 Text) —- Most of the people in that area are white ….· Chinese Exclusion Act· LA Fiesta festival (Page 74)· Mission Play —- (Which is very important) (Use Ctrl+F to find specific location in the book)· Mexican workers, Simons brickyard —- (begin with page 131)· How china town become china town, and Korean town

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