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Composition ENGL 1301

Personal Memoir Assignment PromptAttached Files:Memoir.pdf (112.127 KB)Memoir.docx (17.587 KB)This file which contains detailed instructions for personal memoir.  Follow these instructions carefully and use the assigned reading from this week to model essay. Instructions are posted here in both the Word and PDF paper should be 3 – 5 pages; 500 – 700 words.This is a short essay, so you need a narrow focus. Write about one, specific thing that has been important to you: a person, place, idea, belief, experience, event, day, moment, action, relationship, work of art, or another specific thing. Narrow your focus upon one specific moment in time within your relationship with your subject.A submission file will be created the week this paper is due for the submission of your completed MLA formatted paper.

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