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covid-19 vaccine

Every day we are faced with ethical questions and debatable issues. Think about a topic for which you have a strong opinion. Argue in favor or against that issue. Defend your opinion with solid reasons, facts, and reliable outside sources. Your audience may disagree with your position; therefore, use strong evidence to refute any counter-arguments. Convince your audience to support your opinion.This is thesis drive argumentative research paper. You may choose your own topic,· COVID-19The purpose of this paper is to create an original argument and support it with evidence. You will need to have a minimum of six sources with four from the databases. The minimum length is six full pages with maximum of ten pages not including works cited sheet. Use MLA documentation. Make sure to include a counterargument and concession and rebuttal as part of your body paragraphsEssay Requirements:· 6-10 pages typed & double spaced (NOT including the Works Cited page)· MLA formatted, Times New Roman, 12-point font· Minimum 6 outside sources listed on a Works Cited pageo 4 of the four must come from an online databasePlease revise and edit your essay so that is free of grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes

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