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Discuss in detail strategies discussed in this course which will assist you in pursing and accomplishing your personal and academic goals.

ü Directions:· Use your textbook to ensure you have a full understanding of the topic.· Use your own words, and do not copy any information directly from the textbook or another source.· Each response (question) requires aminimum of one page. Write your response in paragraph form.· Be thorough. Include examples that are specific and relevant to you.(Use the words I, me, myself.) Remember to use a capital I (not i) when referring to yourself.· Use three or more examples from your textbook to support your responses. Note page numbers for each.Exam Question:Discuss in detail strategies discussed in this course that will assist you in pursuing and accomplishing your personal and academic goals.Life has its ups and downs. Everything we plan does not always go according to plan. Learning to be flexible can prove beneficial to student success. Explain the impact of being a student during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. How might these skills and strategies benefit you during these unusual times?

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