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ENG 103 Memo

Persuasive MessageFor this assignment, choose one of the following from “Foster Care & Adoption”: a reference book, textbook, or periodical. The book or periodical must be one that would be useful to someone working in your desired profession.Now assume that you are an employee of an organization that would benefit by having this book or periodical made readily available to the public. Write a one-page memo to your supervisor recommending the purchase, and be sure to cite your reference (author, title, edition, publisher, etc., following current APA format). Consider the following criteria:1. Relevance of source material’s information to that job2. Reading level of source material with respect to potential readers3. Cost of book or periodical compared with its value4. Probable usage5. Unique or helpful features of the book or periodical (such as articles, bibliographies, or special sections)Please the attached files for the Grading Rubric.

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