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English 1302

My story is Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston. You’ll have to submit 2 documents: a 1100+ words essay and a outline. Use at least 3 college level printed sources or can use dcccd database to find sources link:- . I would like you to have a good Thesis Statement prepared for essay and outline by using the given document. You need to have A intro, 3 body paragraph and a conclusion.Doucments:1) Assignment #3 – Short story analysis is about how to write an essay2) Question to develop Thesis is about how to write a good thesis.3) Story analysis Outline is an example of how an outline is going to look like.4) literary Criticism is about a theme you gonna be using for your essay (I would like you to write on Feminist Criticism).5) 10 Elements of Literature is a document about 3 literary devices you going to be using for essay and analyze it. Document has the definition of each literary device.

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