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English course – Essay and Argument Structure Discussion

Essay and Argument Structure DiscussionOnce you’ve reviewed the resources on the basics of essay structure and argumentation,  read one of the two student essays below. As you read, consider the structure of the essay and how the writer presents their thesis statement, makes claims, and supports those claims. Then, in a discussion board post, answer the following questions and make sure to identify which of the two essays you are discussing.Questions1. What is the thesis statement in the example you read? Based on what you reviewed this week, does this work well as a thesis statement? Why or why not?2. What claims does the writer make to support the thesis statement?3. Pick one of the claims from above and summarize the evidence the writer used to support that claim.4. What does the conclusion do other than restating the thesis?Need answer for this discussion board assignment and then I also need help in answering 2 answers for peers

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