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english paper

Length: 6-8 pages*Papers submitted after classes have ended will not be accepted.Social justice is the view that all people deserve equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Social justice isn’t an “us versus them” mindset; instead, it is a “we are – or should be- in this together” attitude. To understand the intricacies of social justice and create social change, your final essay prompt asks you to:- Work closely with any two personal narratives from Michelle Tea’s Without a Net. From these, you will determine a common, social justice issue. These will be your primary sources.- Include three or more secondary sources to support your thinking. See below for acceptable means of research.- Form a thesis based on the information you gather from all of your sources. As we have discussed this semester, your thesis (at first) will be a working one as you investigate a social justice issue. The deeper your analysis, the better.For example, one common thread between primary sources might be the stigmatization of teenage mothers. Looking at this theme within a larger social context, one might argue that because of the stigmatization of teenage mothers, women haven’t been given the necessary medical treatment they deserve; therefore teen moms suffer future illnesses that may continue to be ignored. Had they been given the proper treatment primarily, many of these women’s health issues could have been avoided.Secondary sources may include but are not limited to:Ø Scholarly articlesØ Interviews (those you conduct or view)Ø DocumentariesØ Newspaper articlesØ GraphsØ MapsØ ChartsØ Sound RecordingsØ Art of any kindIn your essay, be sure to:- cite and analyze passages from the text for support.- underline your thesis.- offer a title for your essay.- include the MLA style of documentation. (Consult Bb for appropriate MLA style of citation and documentation).- proofread carefully.- submit your essay onto (user info. is on Bb).Below are social justice topics you might find of interest, but these are optional.- Civil Rights and Racial Discrimination- Gender Diversity- LBGTQ+ Issues- Income Inequality- Poverty and Homelessness- Immigration Stresses- Health Care Availability- Awareness Through Education- Diversity and Inclusion- Political and Social Injustice- The Importance of Rebellion- Injustice in Treatments of Disabled Folks in America- Critical Analysis of Recent Movements (#metoo, BLM, and so on)- PovertyPre-writing:Use the rest of this sheet to brainstorm connective threads you can discern between any two personal narratives from Tea’s anthology.

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