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*Before beginning this assignment, make sure you have read the section “Writing About Dramatic Structure” (pp. 631-674). This includes the play Antigone.Read Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie (p. 677).   In an essay of no less than four (4) full pages, write an analysis of this play, responding to the following short, critical essays in the textbook:“Tennessee Williams Gallery of Feminine Characters” p. 724“Landscapes of the Dislocated Mind” p. 724“Entering The Glass Menagerie” p. 726“A Domestic Drama of Dashed Dreams” p. 726“Gritty Polish for a Tennessee Williams Jewel” p. 726-727Cite all of the above essays at least once in your essay, using MLA style.The focus of this essay is to interact with source material and address what you believe works, and doesn’t, in regards to the secondary source material you will be reading.  Make sure you include at least three (3) citations from the play when responding to the critical essays.Any outside material utilized in this essay not included in this prompt will result in an automatic zero for the assignment.Give your essay an effective and engaging title.Write this essay in the third person POV.Cites using MLA style.Include an MLA works cited page.

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