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Feasibility Report or Recommendation Report

Feasibility Report or Recommendation ReportThis week’s assignment focuses on Chapter 8: Feasibility and Recommendation Reports.  There are three parts to the assignment:1.  Create an outline for either a feasibility report or a recommendation report (your choice)2.  Write an introduction for your Report that includes Purpose, problem, solution (s)3.  Research:  Finding sources to support your recommendationPart I.  Write the outline to a feasibility report or recommendation report,·  Using the Outline Format for a feasibility report or a recommendation report, create an outline.·  The topic of the report is your proposal idea from Week 3.·  There should be some specific detail in your outline.  For instance, in the Discussion Section, identify the criteria (topics) you researched to find data that supports your proposal solution to the problem.  Ex:  If you are updating an application, criteria could be resources needed, costs, and risks.o  Explain why you chose the criteriao  Provide a source (data) to support your ideaso  Explain how the data is relevant to your problemPart II: Write the introduction to your feasibility or recommendation report.Your feasibility or recommendation report is a solicited report.  Your audience is receptive to your report.  Be sure to identify your audience – is it a Professor (academic audience), someone in an organization (professional audience)?Your introduction should clearly state the:·  Purpose·  Background (why are you proposing this idea)·  Scope of the report.Tip:  The purpose is to provide information that supports or rejects (feasibility report) your proposal idea or offers the best solution to the problem/issue identified (recommendation report) in your week three proposal.Part III:  Research: Find data to support your report conclusionResearch is used to support your proposed solution(s) to the problem you identified in your proposal.  The Discussion Section of the Feasibility or Recommendation report identifies what criteria (specific topics) you researched, why you chose those topics and what you found when you researched.·  Find a minimum of three sources that are relevant to your report·  Enter your source information on theFeasibility or Recommendation Report Sources Template·  Attach the Feasibility or Recommendation Report Sources Template as a separate documentFormat requirements:·  One-inch (1”) margins·  Submit one documentAssignment checklist:·  Parts I, II III– visuals should follow guidelines for creating ethical visuals and format should be appropriate to the data presented.·  Proofread and spell check your work

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