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Discussion 1In your initial post, explain what the biggest challenge you faced was when trying to find sources? What challenges did you encounter in trying to analyze a scientific source? How did you overcome them? Use specific examples in your post.In response to Samiayah and Jerry post, describe how the challenges they faced compared to your own. What similarities and differences did you find? Share your tips for dealing with any issues you faced.Samaiyah postThe challenge, I encountered with my topic of GMOs, was not finding a lot of research about the bad effects it’s having on the human body as to diseases and illnesses long-term, etc.  However, I found many resources and concerns how “most reliable evidence produced to date shows that currently available GM food is at least as safe as non-GMO food. (…) Since GMOs have been around only for 20 years, therefore, I believe it may be premature to say it is safe, believing natural is nothing artificial or synthetic or processed is nutritionally a better way, for health, preventing diseases, illness, and food allergic reactions.There must be long-term side effects out there to be discovered about GMOs but finding them are challenges. According to authors Arcieri, Margherita article; Spread and Potential Risks of Genetically Modified Organisms, here the overall main concerns with GMOs  article wrote,  “Among the arguments used more frequently to support the use of GMOs, is the need to fight hunger, to ensure the supply of food to a growing world population and the fight against climate change.” ( hope I will overcome this challenge by researching database lists on the science websites, biased and unbiased interpretations on GMOs from Shapiro Library’s, reliable sources, and other credible sources.Jerry postI have chosen to do my research on GMO plants for the purpose of determining if the use of these items create enough benefits to overcome the problems that they create. In doing my research I have discovered that there is going to be a lot of effort needed to decipher the scientific papers on this subject. I am not finding much information about the negative effects yet, but I have just started my research. I think because the process is relatively new it will just take looking at more periodicals to acquire credible information. The challenge from this will be validating the credentials of each individual article in order to include information that has a true value to my subject matter. I think reading the information more than one time through and looking up the unknown words will be the easiest way to process what I have read in order to formulate a credible opinion.

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