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Habit 4 assignment

Habit 4 top three things I can work on to make me a more likeable friend.1.Seek first to understand then to be understood2. Be less stubborn3.Forgive more oftenHabit 4: Think Win-WinPracticing the 7 Habits1- During your last class, you began to understand Habit 3: Put First Things First.  Now, practice this habit by choosing one of baby steps/”Start Now pg158.  Provide evidence that you have completed the practice by providing an image of what you did.2- Submit (1) the image and (2) a reflection using the WHAT, SO WHAT, & NOW WHAT.QUESTIONS SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSING COVEY’s 7 HABITSParagraph #1: The WHAT?1. Describe the habit or activity/practice you are writing about. What was your motivation for choosing this activity/practice?2. How does it make you feel—scared, angry, happy, pleased, proud, or ashamed?”3. If you have a personal mission statement, how do you feel this action relates or not to achieving your mission statement?4. In your opinion, what were the results of the experience? The challenges you faced? What were your successes?Paragraph #2: The SO WHAT?1. Think back. What did you learn from pursuing this activity/practice?2. What changes in your thinking (paradigm shift) or behaviors might have occurred during this activity/practice?3. What might I have done differently? For a next time? Or to extend my learning of self?Paragraph #3: The NOW WHAT?1. Explain how this habit/practice has or can contribute to your effectiveness.2. How has this habit/practice affected your growth as astudent?3. How has this experience affected or could affect your growth as aprofessional?4. If a friend asked you why this experience is important, what would you say?5. What lasting impact has this practice and learning of the habit left on you?

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