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home work chapter1-2-3 “Code Blue Health Care Science edition 8th”

Reed Code Blue Health Care Science edition 8thChaps 1,2, and  3THE PURPOSE OF THESE QUESTIONS IS TO HELP YOU REFINE YOUR ANALYSIS & BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS.  These are the criteria on which you will be graded.Short AnswerSummary:  In 1 BRIEF paragraph, explain what happened in these 3 chapters.Chapter 1:  Based on Chapter 1, what is the major issue facing the hospital?  What is the relationship between Hap & Del, and why was Hap taking Del on the fishing trip?Chapter 2:  Based on Chapters 1 & 2, profile Ed Wycoff, and explain why he asked Dr. Amos to make the proposal to the Board of Directors to replace Hap rather than do it himself.Chapter 3:  2 questions –In your opinion, how did Selman handle his firing?  Would you have done anything differently?In your opinion, how did Wes handle his being hired?  Would you have done anything differently?

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