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How to Say Nothing in 500 Words

Background:The goal of this essay is twofold:First, you should do your best to demonstrate traditional essay writing while applying the suggestions from the article. Just to recap: traditional essays start with an intro, possess a clearly stated thesis at the end of the introduction. Bodies have topic sentences, illustrative evidence, transitions between ideas, and are grammatically correct. The conclusion should restate main ideas, and good conclusions refer back to the introductory strategy.The article “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words” provides you with a number of suggestions on how to be a successful essay writer. To make an essay stronger, Roberts suggests taking a less usual side, avoiding obvious content, be specific, and choosing words carefully.Secondly, in addition to demonstrating traditional essay format, I would like you to learn about the College, specifically what resources are available that help ensure student success. To develop this essay, you will need to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts.Look over the College’s portal, click around, and make note of what resources are provided. These can be academic (like tutoring), cultural (like a lecture series), or even community (like a foodbank).After you identify these resources, you’ll need to explain how they will help a student be successful.(use this for topics)While I was searching the portal I found a few helpful recourses. I feel like self service is the most important because there you can mange your payments, see your grades, and also register for the next upcoming semester. The next important resource was the virtual bookstore. Here you can purchase your books for the classes you just registered for in self service. Lastly the student email is an important resource as well, here is where you can keep in contact with your professors and get important reminders.REQUIREMENTS:Essay must be in MLA format3-4 pagesIt must make use of an introductory strategyIt must have a stated thesis and topic sentenceEvidence must be vivid and developedGrammar must be clear (I recommend submitting essay to a tutor before final submission.)Conclusion must restate main ideas, but it should really return to the introductory strategy as well.Essay should be organized (usually least to most important)Essay should be unified (everything belongs)No first person or second person: instead of you or I, use student or students.ASSIGNMENT:HOW TO SUCCEED AT MONTGOMERY COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGESample essay teacher provided belowKeys to Success in College“Success” is defined as the accomplishment of a purpose or desire, such as obtaining wealth, popularity, or triumph. During the span of their lives, people often long for success – whether that be towards a situation as minor as winning a high school soccer match, or as significant as prospering in a career. However, the first major desire, in the lives of many, is succeeding in college. College is a time of new-found independence and self-discovery. However, it can be difficult for freshmen to thrive during their first few years. Thankfully, there are many tactics to help ensure the success of incoming college freshmen. rarely thought of, yet, fundamental key to a college student’s success is being intentional with relationships. College can be a vulnerable time for incoming freshmen. Even before classes start, new college students have to endure many sudden life changes. Transitioning from high school to college, leaving home, and financial pressure, can leave students rattled and stressed by the time the school year begins. Because of this, the people new students surround themselves with is vital to their success. There is a social phenomenon called “homophily” that is defined as the tendency for people to begin to act similar to those close to them. This can be seen in relationships between friends, classmates, siblings, and parents. If college freshmen surround themselves with the stereotypical “rough crowd” – known for skipping class and getting bad grades – under the doctrine of homophily, they are likely to pick up those negative traits. Thus, said students are likely to regularly skip class and do poorly – even in subjects they’d usually excel in. Because of this, college freshmen should be intentional with their friendships, surrounding themselves with people who will support and uplift them. Choosing positive relationships to pursue is essential to college success – seeing as most of the friends made during the freshmen year, remain that person’s friend for the duration of the student’s college time.Not only should students make friends with peers, but freshmen should become acquainted with their professors as well. While it may seem intimidating, interacting with professors can be an enormous help for students. Professors often welcome any questions and concerns students may have for them. Presenting these concerns may be difficult for a student in a large college. However, in smaller colleges or community colleges like Montgomery County Community College (MCCC), this professor-student interaction is far easier to achieve. Nevertheless, no matter the college size, students should familiarize themselves with at least one professor each semester, who can act as a mentor and guide.Another key to success in college is to actively utilize any and all resources provided. A valuable skill for incoming freshmen to possess is the ability to put oneself out there and build relationships. However, students should be able to hone that skill to obtain the resources and help they may need. Montgomery County Community College has many vital resources for incoming freshmen. The school offers free tutoring in nearly every subject, counseling, a full, online and on-campus library, and has many useful links on its website – like the link to MyCareerPlan, a quiz that places students into suitable fields of study. When enrolled, MCCC also assigns an advisor to every student. Meetings with these advisors can easily be arranged through the Starfish link on the school’s virtual learning system, Blackboard. However, while the school may offer many useful resources, freshmen need to be independent enough to seek out these opportunities. Therefore, to ensure success, new college students should build relationships with their advisor, actively access the provided resources, and even schedule sessions with a tutor or counselor.Finally, the best advice for incoming freshmen is to listen and heed the advice they are given. Every new high school or college student receives the lectures about time management, note taking, procrastination, balancing work and play, the list goes on. More than half the time, students brush off that advice and continue to do what they deem best. However, new students should accept advice from peers, instructors, and college resources. At MCC, the school offers a multitude of outreach and assistance programs for college-bound high schoolers and college freshmen. Such programs include Gateway to College and TRIO Upward Bound for high schoolers, and ACT 101 Scholars and KEYS for college students. Information and applications for these programs can be accessed under “Outreach and Assistance Programs” in the Student Success Center tab of the MCCC website. These programs offer students assistance and advice, learning opportunities, and support. MCCC freshmen can also receive advising and mentoring from their assigned advisors. However, in order for this assistance to be helpful, students must actually listen and heed the advice they’re given. Brushing off the advice defeats the purpose of seeking assistance in the first place. Naturally, not everyone will find every piece of advice helpful, but new college students should put effort into following given advice in order to see what methods for them. Incoming college freshmen will quickly realize that their successful techniques from high school don’t often help the same in college. Thus, students should pay close attention to the advice college advisors and programs give them.Although there are many tips to ensure success in college, some of the most important are: initiating intentional, positive relationships, utilizing available resources, and heeding advice. College can produce many challenges and setbacks for incoming freshmen. New schedules and surroundings can make the first year of one’s college experience a scary and vulnerable time. However, supportive relationships with peers and advisors, resources like the Montgomery County Community College’s MyCareerPlan, and MCCC-provided assistance programs can help college freshmen thrive.

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