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I need essay personal narrative paper

ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PERSONAL ESSAY(20% of course grade)For the first essay in this course, you will practice your personal narrative-writing skills.After reading the Sample Personal Narrative Essays, begin thinking about a brief, true story from your own life that might engage a reader and tell him/her something important about you. This story could be of a person, place, event, or even an object that holds special significance in your life. It could be about a difficult or amazing experience you’ve had or about a time when you learned something new about yourself or the world (big or small). While your story is at the center of the essay, it needs to convey an overall message, theme, or lesson learned.In a 2-3 page essay, tell your story.To make your narrative clear and interesting to a reader, be sure to use plenty of details, and include some meaningful reflection about the impact of these events in your life.This is a “creative” essay, so it’s acceptable to use contractions, the words “I” or “you,” and to generally be more playful with language. The organization for this essay is also less formal; there are many different ways to arrange a story (as long as you’re clear and have an overall point).As with any essay in this class, your writing should be detailed, carefully edited, and should show attention to grammar and mechanics.Your final version should be typed, double-spaced, and in MLA Format.***Make sure to fill at least two pages to the bottom to meet the minimum requirement***Not sure what to choose for your topic?  Try one of these ideas to get things going.**Please check the assignment schedule for this paper’s due date.**Grading Rubric: Personal Narrative Essay Grading Rubric

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