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The drama proved in India, __________________ other countries, a congenial form tomany of the most eminent poets.2.  The Indian drama has a marked individuality,_________________ stands nearer to themodern European theater than to that of ancient Greece; for the plays, with a very fewexceptions, have no religious significance, and deal with love between man and woman.3._______________ tragic elements may be present, a tragic ending is forbidden.4._______________, nothing regarded as disagreeable, such as fighting or even kissing, ispermitted on the stage; here Europe may perhaps learn a lesson in taste.5.  Stage properties were few and simple,__________________ particular care was lavishedon the music. The female parts were played by women.6.  It may be said that the Indian dramas have less action and less individuality in thecharacters; __________________, they have more poetical charm than the dramas ofmodern Europe.7._________________, Kalidasa was remarkably faithful to the ingenious but somewhatover-elaborate conventions of Indian dramaturgy.8.  His first play, theMalavika and Agnimitra, is entirely conventional in plot. The Sakuntala istransfigured by the character of the heroine. The Urvashi,___________________ detailedbeauty, marks a distinct decline.9.  Kalidasa’s glory depends primarily upon the quality of his work,________________would be much diminished if  he had failed in bulk and variety.10.  We know that Kalidasa is a very great poet, ______________ the world has not been ableto leave him alone

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