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Jane Martin–Beauty (pages 1269-1274)

Jane Martin–Beauty (pages 1269-1274)You’ll need to scroll to page 1269.Three-FOUR PagesINTRODUCTION–In the first paragraph, introduce your characters. Provide a summary or description of the characters. You must also include the author and title of the play, and provide a summary of the play. A good introduction is roughly six-eight sentences. The thesis statement must be at the end of your introductory paragraph.DO NOT ANALYZE IN INTRODUCTION. Your thesis statement is the last sentence (or sentences) of your introduction paragraph. A STRONG thesis informs your reader of what he or she will read in your essay about the characters. A thesis also takes some sort of stand; in other words, it must involve some sort of opinion about the characters.SAMPLE THESIS: An assessment of Carla’s character reveals that she is honest with herself, aware of her truth, and knows that beauty is not everything; while her roommate Bethany can be viewed as someone who is close minded, XXX, XXX and XXX.BODY PARAGRAPHS– Create a paragraph for each of the points mentioned about each woman’s character. Use the points mentioned in the thesis. Below is an example of how to start each paragraph about the characters based on the thesis statement. Dedicate three paragraphs on Carla and another three paragraphs about Bethany’s character.—paragraph about first point about Carla: Carla is honest with herself. (Explain how she is honest and use quotes from the text to back up her honesty with herself)Example: paragraph about second point about Carla: Carla is aware of her truth.(Explain how Carla is aware of her truth and use quotes to back up how Carla is aware of her truth).Example: paragraph about third point about Carla: In addition to Carla being aware of her truth and being honest with herself, she also knows that beauty is not everything. (Explain how Carla knows that beauty isn’t everything and use quotes to back up how Carla is aware of her truth)Repeat the same as above for Bethany’s character. Be sure to use the points from your thesis statement.DO NOT WRITE IN FIRST PERSONConclusionWrap up the essay by reiterating and restating the points made about both women and what your overall thoughts are of them.DO NOT INCLUDE ANY NEW POINTS IN THE CONCLUSION. IN OTHER WORDS, IF YOU DID NOT MENTION IN THE BODY, DO NOT MENTION FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE CONCLUSION. http://educatoressay.comMLA Format for Documented Essay– 12 point, Times New Roman font– double-spacedA strong body paragraph explains, proves, and/or supports your paper’s thesis statement.Your body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence based on your first point.1.EXPLAIN YOUR first point2 INTRODUCE YOUR EVIDENCE such as, “According to, the text states, etc.”3 INSERT YOUR EVIDENCE: –add the quote/quotes to back up your explanation about your first point4 EXPLAIN HOW YOUR EVIDENCE help support your first main point. For example, “This quote reveals how Carla’s is ….”5 INSERT A CONCLUDING SENTENCE–Wrap up your paragraph’s main point. For instance, “To conclude, Carla indeed is a modest person, etc.”FOLLOW THIS PROCESS FOR ALL OF YOUR BODY PARAGRAPHS.

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