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Media review

Your task:is to analyze and evaluate how various types of media affect change, influence perception, or otherwise drive the narrative related to a specific topic of your choice.Create an example that shows how you could use social or other media to influence public opinion or play a significant role in the public conversation. This could be a paper, a video/Prezi, or possibly a  newspaper or magazine format.Requirements:Identify a topic that you think has been influenced by characteristics or use of the media. Consider whether various media, or media use, have:Played a role in framing the key arguments related to the topic, and/orInfluenced how key arguments are (or were) discussed/debated, and/orShaped audience perception and interpretation or information, and/orAffected particular actions or policies.Analyze information gathered from multiple sources, being aware of the author’s intent, perspectives, audiences, biases, and credibility.Write a clear thesis statement regarding your analysis of how the media characteristics and choices influenced the discourse.Present well-reasoned arguments that support your thesis.Support your analysis with compelling evidence.Describe how you could use 21st century media to exert influence on the issues you discuss.Provide a minimum or ten sources including at least two scholarly sources and a variety of media such as newspaper, radio, television, twitter, blogs, Ted Talk, You Tube, etc.Format for a Written Paper:280 points.  Rough draft is worth 40 pts reviewed by peer/familyParagraph #1 (25 pts)  identification of your topic, abstract and thesisParagraph #2 (25 pts) How has your topic played a role in shaping audience perception/interpretation of information.  What connections, wonderment and questions do you have concerning the media’s over or under involvement?Paragraph #3 (40 pts) first scholarly source (author(s), titles of articles, background, claims, evidence, discussion/debates, and reasoning.Paragraph #4 (40 pts) second scholarly source (author(s), title of the article, background/expertise of the scholar, claim, evidence, discussion/debates and reasoning)Paragraph #5 (40 pts) one media source (author’s/speakers, titles or topics discussed, claims, evidence and reasoning, written/produced for what groups and why?Paragraph #6 (40 pts)  second media source (author’s/speakers, titles or topics discussed, claims, evidence and reasoning, written/produced for what groups and why?Paragraph #7 (25 pts) What particular actions or policies are these authors/media trying to initiate or delineate and how successful are they?  Do you agree or disagree and why?Paragraph #8 (25 pts) Conclusion – how is 21st media used to exert influence on your topic and the views of society today? Is the media beneficial, or demonstrative in its coverage and what type of public policy do you believe needs to be invoked to provide “honest media for the future?APA Reference page (20 points) with six sources alphabetized, double spaced & indented on 2nd & 3rdRequirements:Typed 12 point Times New Roman or ArialDouble –spaced with minimum 2000 wordsUse of images, charts, or diagrams to illustrate or support your information/argumentsAPA Reference page

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