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Module 2 Individual 74

Read the following from the attached PDF:The IntroductionADDITIONAL CASE 1: GREEN COMPUTING RESEARCH PROJECT, Part 1: Project Integration ManagementGreen Computing Project1. Prepare a weighted decision matrix using the template named wtd_decision_matrix-2.xlsx. Ben will use this matrix to evaluate applicants for project manager for this important project. Develop at least five criteria, assign weights to each criterion, assign scores, and then calculate the weighted scores for four fictitious applicants. Write a 1/2 page paper that describes the weighted decision matrix and why you choose the criteria and weighting you used. Worth 40 Points2. Prepare a project charter for the Green Computing Research Project. Again, assume that the project will take six months to complete and that the budget is $500,000. Use the project charter template charter.doc and examples of the project charters in Chapters 3 and 4 as guidelines. Assume that part of the approach is to select the project team as quickly as possible. Worth 20 Points.

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