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music around 500 words

Alvin Lucier, I am Sitting in a RoomDue: Thursday, October 19Instructions:Download Alvin Lucier’s I am Sitting in a Room, as well as the pdf of his description of the piece Canvas. Set aside 45 minutes to listen to the piece in its entirety. Then read his description of the piece.Submit your answers to the following question as a word document or pdf on Canvas. Your total word count should fall around 500 words. (12pt font, double spaced) Late Assignments will be marked off one point per day late.Answer the following questions:Please use complete sentences and paragraphs, proof read, and use correct grammar.Lucier made the first experiments for I am Sitting in a Room in the year ______ after hearing a demonstration of __________ speakers at MIT. (fill in the blank)In your own words, howandwith what equipment did Lucier make the piece? (3-5 sentences)Why did Lucier want to avoid poetic references in I am Sitting in a Room? (2+ sentences)Describe the evolution of timbre throughout the work. (2+ sentences)Describe your experience listening to the I am Sitting in a Room. Note: take a critical stance, please go beyond whether you liked the piece or not to try to describe what it was like to listen to it. (3+ sentences)01 I Am Sitting In A Room.m4a

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