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Need a story Written

Instructions :Think      of a story you can tell with a clear character vs. society conflict, as      seen in the play you have been reading in Unit 3Go      to Adobe      Spark and create a storyboard/comic with characters, a clear      theme, and conflict (click on the slideshow option)You      may use graphics from the internet or create your own illustrations using      an online platform such as Pixton (you will be prompted to pay if      you try to share/export your creations from here. An easy way to get      around this is to take screenshots instead!)Requirements:Unique scene presented in Adobe SparkWatch example video HEREYour storyboard must contain characters, conflict,      dialogue, and a clear themeNarration of what is happening for each slideA minimum of 10 total slides (title slide, 8 storyboard      slides, and 1 slide detailing the theme and conflict shown in your      storyboard)

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