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No Fear Shakespeare: The Tempest. Humanities Literature

I want you to write two paragraphs, and each one must have at least 250 words.The first one is :Choose 2 of the following three:Caliban’s speech that begins “Be not afeared . . . “ (Scene 2, lines 130–138) is one of the best-known in the play. Evaluate it for what it reveals about Caliban as a character in the play.Ariel’s speech to the “three men of sin” during the banquet in Scene 3 is an important one. Examine this passage, paying attention to imagery of nature and natural disorder, and to what Alonso and Gonzalo say. What is the message of the passage, and how does it relate to the themes of guilt, repentance, and forgiveness?What terrible realization does Alonso have at the end of Act 3 about his conduct toward Prospero and what he believes to be Ferdinand’s fate? What does he decide to do? How is nature involved in his realization?The second on is:What did you think of the ending of “No Fear Shakespeare: The Tempest”? Is this a happy ending, or a sad ending? Should we read this as the triumph of Prospero or the Tragedy of Caliban? In thinking through your answer, I want you to list out the fate delivered to the major characters, what justice, reward or punishment, do they get, and do you think these endings are fair?  In further consideration, ask how power has been executed while on the island and for whose benefit and to whose detriment, and whether you think power was used ethically in all occasions.The information about the book that you must read to answer the above question is :Shakespeare, William, and John Crowther. No Fear Shakespeare: The Tempest. New York: SparkNotes, 2003Acts III, IV & VPLEASE NO PLAGIARISM. My Professor Scan all homework.

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