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Queer Aesthetics

In a 1 to 3 page essay, discuss your first two assignments in light of more recent course material, clarifying what you might do differently now, in retrospect; then,  propose your final paper topic using the abstract form:specify a topic;specify the key scholars and secondary works that wil inform your analysis of at least one primary work;raise a research question;propose a thesis or at least say what you will be exploring;and say why your work matters or interests you.Figure about a page or so for the reflection on past work, and a page or so proposing the new work.Also, include a bibliography of 5 secondary sources for your final paper at the end of your document. Your final project bibliography should include at least three secondary sources from the course reading (i.e., Sullivan, Bennett, Foucault, Ramírez, Waugh, etc.) and if possible, 2 additional peer-reviewed scholarly sources (which you can find using the library’s databases).Your final paper will need to cite 3 course readings and at least 2 outside scholarly sources, so use this assignment to draft the research framework for your final paper.

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