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question about certain article

Read the assigned materialsIn your journal, answer the questions by referring to the materials in your own wordsTie the journal topics to either your personal opinion/experience, examples from other business, and/or examples from classMake sure you have read and understood the material, along with making connections to the readingJournal Entry(300-500 words):1. “Case: Apple 2018” — Historically, what have been some of Apple’s competitive advantages? Describe 2 of them.2. In 2020, what is the purpose of Apple’s business? Who are their competitors? Look beyond the case to answer this one.David B. Yoffie and Eric Baldwin, “Apple Inc. in 2018,” Harvard Business Review, Harvard 37 Business School Publishing, Product No. 9-718-439, May 4, 2018, pp. 1-30.

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