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Reading Activity

Remember to follow these guidelines:Provide evidence from the text. Be specific!Give reasoning for your response with a few sentences of commentary.Proofread for spelling and grammar errors.Answer ALL parts of the question.”How Podcasting Works”Define the word “technical” in your own words.What does the reader learn in this article?How does this kind of information help the reader?What is the difference between internet radio and podcasts?Is background information useful in understanding how podcasting works? Explain.”NASA Robotic Education Project: Careers in Robotics–A Case Study”What does this case study present?How would you paraphrase the paragraph about Matt?Paraphrase the paragraph about Gil.How would you paraphrase the conclusion?”Italy from Liberty Travel: Europe”What cities does the brochure focus on?What descriptive language does the author use to describe the attractions in Florence?How does the photograph relate to the text?What information is contained in each description?How do the parts of the brochure complement each other?”Tornadoes”What is the source of this website?What features on the page convince you that the material is impartially presented?What information on this page helps the reader understand the different types of tornadoes?”Tropical Cyclone”How can you make sure the information in a Web encyclopedia entry is accurate?What rules does Wikipedia have for editing entries?Why do you think Wikipedia is concerned with making sure its information is verifiable?”A Hero in Our Midst”What is this commentary about?How does the author know Sergeant Thomas?What opinion does the author hold about Jason Thomas?What did you learn about Sergeant Thomas?”Dodgers Celebrate Jackie Robinson Day”What is this article about?How do the quotations the author uses from other players help the reader understand the event?What details are included in the news article that portrays the events of the day?Why do you think the author includes the names and details about famous visitors at the ballgame?Can you determine the author’s attitude toward Mrs. Robinson after reading this article?

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