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Reflective Essay

Please Read !!* write as an American language !!It will be due on 04-24-2014 at 11:00 AM as a NewYork time. ( you have only 11 hours from now )this are the steps will make you understand what you are going to write in the paper .What should be included in the essay?In this essay you will need to reflect back on your time in this class. Ponder the class as a whole, but also think about the writing assignments you have completed for this class and/or the activities/tools you were presented with in class. Choose two (2) assignments and/or activities that stand out in your mind as being the most beneficial for your future academic/professional career. Explain why you chose these components (describe if they were fun, interesting, thought provoking, applicable to the “real world,” etc.), what specifically was beneficial about them (what did you learn from completing the assignments/activities), and how you will apply what you learned from the assignments /activities in your future academic and professional career.How should the essay be formatted?The essay should be around 500 words in length which would be about one (1) page, single spaced. Please format it as you would a Memo with the pertinent information required for a memo. Also, I would divide the essay into particular areas with appropriate Headings. The length of this instruction sheet is about 250 words…just as a gauge.I chose tow assingmints I did it before in this class, It will supoort you to finish this paper .. ( you have to use it )

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