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Response to Michael Brown’s Book

NOTE: Use below Textbooks only. 400 Words.Create a thread of at least 400 words, which must include at least two citations. (NOTE: Your main thread must be at least 400 words. These word counts do not include Quotation or Footnotes; most deductions on discussion boards are for not meeting the word requirements)Thread: In the 21st century, the study of Ecclesiology has now taken center stage. In general, the success and proliferation of alternative church arrangements through the use of technology, namely multi-site churches and Internet churches, have challenged the definition of church. In particular, the church’s relationship to the state in the area of homosexual marriage has been challenged, and the boundaries of religious freedom have been tested. Once you have read the Brown text, interact with 1 of his “biblical responses” by making a case for it in your own words (these biblical responses are found at the beginning of each chapter). Choose the chapter that was most enlightening to you in your particular context and specify which chapter you are addressing in your thread.You must only cite the course textbooks.TEXTBOOKS1) Can You Be Gay and Christian© 2014 by Brown L. Michael2) CHRISTIAN THEOLOGYThird Edition© 2013 by Millard J. Erickson3) Believer’s Baptism: Sign of the New Covenant in Christ© 2006 by Schreiner R. Thomas & Wright D. Shawn

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