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Special Occasion Speech

1. Please read all instructions as they are given and do not deviate from them.2. You are to select and use one of these types of speeches from this list:a. Speech of Introductionb. Speech of Acceptancec. Speech of Presentationd. Commemorative Speech3. Then follow Step 3 to create an outline from the Speech Instructions which I have uploaded at the bottom.4. I have also uploaded a Speech Outline Template for you to use for this assignment.5. ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM, IT SHOULD BE YOUR OWN WORDS!!6. Please follow the Grading Rubric that is at the bottom of the outline instructions attached to this post!7. Structure and Organize it for a 4 minute speechIF THERE ARE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO ASK ME. DON’T GUESS!!

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