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“The Brahmin’s Son”

By choosing to become a Samana (ascetic), is Siddhartha taking a forward step towards his goal? Was not his life as a Brahmin’s son better?The discussions are like mini essays, so the response should be 300 to 350 words. Directly answer the question, provide logical reasons, support those reasons with explanation and evidence from the text. Take a stand and make a point so a discussion between your classmates can occur. A simple summary of the chapter will not receive points or incite a response from your fellow classmates.the book in the attachmentcite and quote some sentences from the book like so,THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE:Properly  punctuate  the parenthetical  citations  –  period  after  the  parenthetical  note:  He  says  to Govinda, “Wisdom is incommunicable” (Hesse 72). This passage proves…use very easy and simple language and try to avoid any fancy words. be careful with the grammar as well.

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