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Think Piece

Think Piece DIRECTIONSA. Consider the possible prompt topics listed in theEssay 4 Directions(PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR DIRECTIONS)under “Possible Prompt Topics,” and choose one that you are interested in.B. Write a topic sentence that looks something like this: The societies of Fahrenheit 451 and American culture are similar in terms of X.C. Write two paragraphs comparing the F451 and American culture on that main point.Suggested Structure:Paragraph 1Topic sentence with main point about both societies. Specific way topic X manifests in F451 (explain and provide 1-2 specific examples)Paragraph 2Transition to the specific way topic X manifests in American culture (explain and provide 1 current example)Significance (analyze why analyzing this is important for a modern reader)ESSAY 4 DIRECTIONS:This essay focusing on the text Fahrenheit 451 (F451) requires that you assemble and respond to your own prompt and conduct independent research for your argument. The following “Possible Prompt Topics” listed below are suggestions for your fourth essay, offering mere focal points for possible prompts. This is a literary analysis that is designed to connect fiction with components of modern American society.POSSIBLE PROMPT TOPICS:[Remember that all topics are connecting the novelwithcurrent, mainstream American culture]The nature of a complacent society in F451 and American culture.Effects of a dystopian society on The Individual and how it effects are identified in American culture(SEE ATTACHED to learn about dystopian societies).ActionsDefinition of “happiness” in F451 and American cultureTwo characteristics of a dystopian society that are present F451 and are detectable in modern American culture. Compare and contrast the “cultural mottos” of F451 society and in modern American culture.What traits are necessary for an individual to be an agent of social change? (Choose two characters and their qualities and how these specific qualities manifest in modern American culture through people or a social movement).NOTE: YOU ARE ONLY DOING THE THINK PIECE DIRECTIONS. THE ESSAY 4 DIRECTIONS IS JUST FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING FOR THE ASSIGNMENT.

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