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Week 3 discussion 2

1.Being sure that one has the resources necessary to accomplish the goals is an essential step. Preparation is very important. Without all of the necessary resources one cannot succeed. I know people that are very organized with their life and the time that they have every day. The values and mission are clear and their goals and objectives align with their life course. Each hour of the day is focused on using their short-term goals to reach their long-term goal that is consistent with their mission and values. The key here is that they took the time to do the work to explore what it is they really wanted in life and what was important in all of their roles to arrive at this plan. How many of us have a well-crafted life plan?2.Please be reminded that information in the post that is not original content should be supported with references. There is a difference between goals setting and deadlines. Deadlines indicate that a task must be completed at a certain time. The task may or may not be a part of a goal. Where as goals have time lines to assure that that are completed in a certain time. Are there other examples of the difference.

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