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Week 6 Discussion Forum: Media/Technology Practice and Final Paper Progress Report Options Menu: Forum

This week, you will practice producing a screencast video presentation that allows you to report your progress on the final paper while also preparing you to build a quality final presentation for the course.A screen–cast video (for this course) should be understood as a recording of a PowerPoint (or Prezi) in  Slideshow Mode1. Build a three–slide PowerPoint (or Prezi) presentation that includes text and graphics. Outline your answers to the following questions:What are some specific questions you have concerning the final argument paper?What is your time–management plan for compiling and editing your final paper?What parts of your final paper do you anticipate will take the most time and attention? For example:Incorporating instructor feedback in your perspective papersReworking the perspective papers into one cohesive paperWriting the introduction, conclusion, or abstractAPA formattingRevising for grammar, spelling, and punctuation2. Your presentation should be 1–2 minutes in length. (providing your answers to the questions above about your final paper).

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