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week 7 assignment

Post your interpretation of this week’s readings.For this week’s assignment, write a total of 4 full length pages that address each of the works assigned, as well as each of the questions below:1. Discuss how you feel Cisneros’ work fits the Contemporary era?2. How does this text seem Post-Modern to you?3. What is the general message of this text? Are the themes of race, class, and/or gender part of this work?4. Discuss your interpretation of Kingston’s book?  What is it’s overall message?5. Discuss the themes of race, class, and gender as you saw them within the book.6. Discuss the relationship between Kingston and her mother within the book.7. Discuss how Kingston merges her Chinese heritage with her American upbringing.  Identify 2 scenes that especilly display this.8. How does Kingston discuss the concept of the American Dream in her own life?9. How does Woman Warrior fit the Contemporary era?

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