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What is technology

Instructions for this discussion topicReview each of the following resources and respond to the questions posed below.Overview of the historical impact of technologyKelly, K. (2009).Technology’s epic story. Available at:, J. (May 1, 1987). The worst mistake in the history of the human race. Discover Magazine, 64-66. Available at: technologies that have helped to change the worldAnthony, D. W. (1994). Moving life forward. Faces (07491387), 11(1), 14. Available at: Mechanics (n.d.). 101 Gadgets that changed the world. Available at: Inventions that Changed the World Forever. Available at: questions:1)      Based on the resources provided above, how wouldyoudefine technology? Be sure to use your own words!2)      What are some of the key points made by Kevin Kelly regarding the role of technology in the evolution of humanity? Do you agree with his main arguments? Why or why not?3)      According to Diamond, what is the worst mistake in the history of the human race? What does this mistake have to do with technology and society?4)      What do you think are the top 3 most important technologies of all time? Justify your choices.5)      What is your own favorite technology? Explain your choice.

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