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write an essay about the 3 reports and fill out work sheet based on the 3 reports

***Fill out worksheets below based on the 3 reports sheets attached and write an essay no specific length based on the 3 report sheets attached.***Follow APA guidelines for your written paper including in text citations as well as bibliography at the end of your paper.IntroductionDiscuss what this project means to you and what you expect to learn.My PlateFor each of the following groups state if you met your target for that group. If not, what specific foods can you eat or drink to achieve your goals. If you are over, what could you do or substitute to achieve your goals.If you met your goal, then what foods did you eat in that food group that contributed to meeting your goal.Food GroupDid you meet or exceedWhy or why not? Give food examples to improve meet your goal.GrainsVegetablesFruitsDairyProtein FoodsOther Nutrients:OilsFats and sugarsIntake vs recommendationsAbove or belowWhy?What could happen if you continue?What can you do about it?CaloriesProtein gCarbohydrates gDietary Fiber gSoluble fiber gInsoluble Fiber gFat gSaturated Fat gTrans Fat gMonounsaturated fats gPolyunsaturated fats gOmega-3 gOmega -6 gCholesterol mgWater gVitaminsWater Soluble VitaminsVitamin B1 mgVitamin B2 mgVitamin B3 mgVitamin B12 mcgVitamin C mgFolate mcgFat Soluble VitaminsVitamin A mcgVitamin D mcgVitamin E  mgMineralsCalcium mgIron mgMagnesium mgPhosphorus mgPotassium mgSelenium mcgSodium mgZinc mgOtherAlcohol gCaffeine mgEnergy BalanceState if you met, exceeded or did not meet your energy balance goal. Analyze your BMI. Explain what it means to you.Determine if your energy in is balanced with your energy out. If it’s positive what does that mean. If it’s negative, what does that mean. If you are 5% above or below your goal, then you can say you are in balance.Discuss what physical activity you currently do.AnalyzeAnalysisExplain/what does this mean?Energy balanceAbove (positive) or Below (negative)BMI (interpret the data)Physical activity you currently do.How often?How long?Physical activity you could or would like to do.Do you do any:Muscle strengthening activity?Flexibility activity?Cardiorespiratory activity?Goals:Set one Behavior Change Goal. See handout for Energy Balance.You will include in your conclusionA brief summary of your nutrient and my plate analysis. Also, how your nutrient intake effects your physical activity. Did you learn what you expected to learn? Did you learn what you expected you would learn? How to use the information in your life.

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